Meta-LUCID operates across a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines. The size of an organisation is not important to us, rather it is the commitment of our clients to develop and execute their people strategy, in the belief that this will increase and evolve their competitive advantage.

Our philosophy is to design and implement custom interventions for clients which encompass identifying, sourcing, deploying and retaining highly adaptive people.

Our approach is based on blending strategic intent, complexity science and action learning principles. We have found that this multi-disciplinary perspective provides clients with a greater chance of achieving improved performance from their people.

We share tools, IP, and our experience so that you can become inspirationally independent of us. Meta-LUCID recognises the unique situation of all our individual clients’ needs and therefore the importance of flexibility in our engagement and use of resources.

Consult on people strategy, assessing critical skills, processes and knowledge gaps and create pathways for development

Facilitate senior leader teams to prepare, design and support their fluid-state organisational strategies

Create and make available researched-based content for leadership development against all levels of the leadership pipeline – from Managers of Others to the Enterprise Leader

Design and develop Growth Mindset theory into custom learning solutions

Facilitate learning interventions through our global network of A-Players

Agree behavioural and organisational metrics that need to change to ensure application and long-term sustainability

Wrap a rigorous project management framework around our work to allow predictable execution

Implement a measurement scorecard to guide progress and determine return on investment and payback