Working Together

  • We operate with high levels of adaptability rather than high levels of control
  • Our work is based on the dynamic combination of knowledge, process and skills with Growth Mindset as the accelerator which ensures lasting behaviour change
  • We combine the latest innovation tools and models, teaching people how to be ever adaptable in a complex world to achieve powerful breakthrough outcomes
  • Our tools, our IP and our experience is freely shared to ensure clients become inspirationally independent of us

What Clients Say

“Meta-Lucid have facilitated a number of Swinton seminars and conferences and never fail to impress. Their material is fresh and keeps the audience engaged; they are thought provoking and funny and always manage to clearly communicate important messages, leaving delegates with a clear understanding of business goals.
They understand how to make an audience tick, and they consistently deliver material that motivates, educates, inspires and entertains.”
Peter Halpin, Swinton Insurance
“Meta-LUCID provides consultancy with a difference. They ask questions you don’t want to hear and worse may not be able to answer. They pursue a line of enquiry with a professional relentlessness that is rare, but at all times is client centred – no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

In short, they facilitate material change.”

Dr. David Carnegie, Nomura
“Working with Meta-Lucid is both thought provoking and exciting. If you are the inquisitive type then they will certainly get you thinking outside of the box and make you challenge yourself and your core principles. Meta-Lucid combines the academic theory with best practice and experience from many years of research, investigation and results analysis. Sometimes to find the Holy Grail you must but prepared to look anywhere and Meta-Lucid is helping us to create an environment within which to build a sustainable High Performance sales team.”
Calvin Goom, UK Managing Director, Dimension Data
“Meta-Lucid demonstrated an understanding of our needs and the critical aspects for success and brought the best team players into the engagement… without which we would have failed. Meta-Lucid have an approach that is refreshingly different, but effective and insightful.”
Peter Long, Salesforce Effectiveness Officer, Johnson Controls Inc
“After years of hearing pitches on sales effectiveness training, one methodology after another breakthrough approach, Meta-Lucid brought a story that was intriguing in terms of its honesty and clarity. I promised them 30 minutes in our first meeting. At the end of two hours, they had to leave for another appointment. I was astounded at the insight and mostly at my reaction – that it all seemed like common sense”
Richard Scannell, Founding Director, Glasshouse Technologies Inc
“Meta-Lucid has provided quality, professional and innovative solutions to our leadership development requirements.  They have partnered with the organisation to ensure a deep understanding of the culture and needs, and developed material and a delivery approach which has been impactful and energising.  Meta-Lucid takes a unique and intelligent approach to addressing an organisation’s learning needs and this is what sets them apart from the ‘pack’.”
Tracey Marsh, Director Human Resources, Offshore, Transocean Offshore
“We have been working with Meta-LUCID for nearly two years as our consulting partner of choice in the senior leadership development area with direct access to our CEO and his direct reports for their team and personal development. They have shown great flexibility having to deal with a level of ambiguity in coming up with innovative solutions and implementing them across a diverse audience. Although a small firm they use this to their advantage and can call upon a diverse range of subject matter experts when required from instructional design to facilitation. They have really contributed to our understanding and knowledge.”
Toni Wilks, Learning and Development Director, Subsea 7
“At a critical juncture in my career development, some important decisions needed to be made. I needed sound, objective advice and from someone who I could throw ideas to. I didn’t need a coach but a thinking partner to help me get clarity and clear line of sight for an executive level promotion. Mark was invaluable both from a no nonsense point of view style and was able to test my rationale and provide some critical analysis to a complex situation. The most important aspect was the “asking” and not ‘telling’ and my getting to the best possible outcome. I am sure he knew the outcome from the first conversation… but I had to get there myself.”
Tom Hill - Global Head of Sponsorship Sales