Kevin Knott

Kevin Knott provides proven subject matter expertise and practical insights into the effective operation and performance of the offshore platform environment. Specifically, he is focused on the critical values and belief systems for supervisory and leadership personnel, to drive a continuous performance improvement culture. He has decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Starting as a deck worker, he progressed to the position Offshore Installation Manager (OIM). His exposure to all aspects of offshore life has given him the practical knowledge that allows him to purposefully connect to the OIM community, blending both theory and reality to get results. His drive is to build safe and successful offshore working environments built on the concept of a high-performance team ethos. Kevin’s diverse onshore senior management roles afforded him the opportunity to continue to influence the management approach to offshore teams and maintaining the continuous improvement of safety and performance. He will advise Meta-LUCID on the development of their services for the Oil and Gas sectors and provide a lead consulting partner role with clients.


Professor Nick Lee

Prof. Nick Lee provides both subject matter expertise as well academic rigour to the work that Meta-LUCID engages in with its clients. We continue to develop leading edge projects in human and business performance strategies, where designing and using innovative approaches are key to getting predictable results. Nick’s undoubted research experience and practitioner knowledge ensures that we stay grounded to fundamental principles in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, and advanced measurement and modelling methods. Specifically, Nick will spearhead any primary research that we undertake in the area of Growth Mindset; implicit theories of intelligence.